Newbie 9-1-13

Guilty as charged. I’m completely new to blogging. I attempted once before, but lost my patience very quickly. haha. So now I can unleash all kinds of posts. rawr. Kidding.

Well, it’s the first of September and thankfully, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Thank God for holidays. Which means I get to spend the day with my daughters. Bridgette (8) and Elizabeth (2). We need to go to the storage building and haul some stuff out for our yard sale next weekend, but quite honestly, I would prefer to just stay home and spend all of my time with them. 

Win & lose for tomorrow would be that my husband has to work. He’s a police officer, so for him, there’s no such thing as a holiday. But on the up side, it’s overtime. I can’t argue with that. =-) With 3 kids, all the extra helps. 

Hopefully our yard sale next weekend will help, too. Last time, I made out pretty good. I normally do at least 2 yard sales a year. Each sale normally racks in about $100-$150. That’s definitely my goal this time. Our son, Kaeden (8), starts fencing on Thursday, Bridgette is in dance, and Elizabeth is still in diapers. She is a stubborn potty trainee. But she’ll get there eventually. Just like her brother and sister did. 

Enough of my ramblings for now. It’s time to get my kids washed up, and ready for bed. The weather is changing and affecting us all. Blah. ‘Tis the season, but Fall is by far, my favorite season. A little sinus headache will not change my mind.

So, wish me luck on the new blog. Any tips/advice are welcome. Negative ones will be ignored. Sorry, but I choose to have a positive outlook. 



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