Our Labor Day 9-2-13

Oh my! Been up since 2:30 am off and on. Darn A/C unit kept making AWFUL racket. Thankfully, the kids slept through it. Thank God. Mommy and Daddy on the other hand? Not so much. LOL. Now we’re waiting on our tech to call back.

Oh gosh. Just when I think we’re on our way to getting out of debt, we had to pull out our old credit card that we finally paid off. BUT, I’m still thankful that we were in a position at one point in time to pay it off AND we’re thankful we have it available for an emergency.

But, at least the racket isn’t as bad as it was all night. Unfortunately, both girls woke up coughing. Yeppers, I foresee a breathing treatment in their future. Right after breakfast. Pray for at least a semi fun day with the kids. =-)


Well… several hours & $400+ later… we have A/C again. YAY! Thankfully, it rained off and on, so it was considerably cooler than what it normally is. Too blessed to be stressed. =-) My husband had the tech check our outside unit and top it off with Freon. The tech said that if we had continued to run it, it would have burned up and we could EASILY look at another $1-2,000.  Ouch. No thank you. Thank you tech for working on his off day. I can see now why he was kinda moody. Poor guy.

The girls’ coughing is a little better. Elizabeth has been cranky all day and crying like someone has been beating her. Not a happy kid. Tried her in panties for a bit, but it didn’t last long, and she peed through all of them. She cried, which kinda makes me hopeful, because she doesn’t like that feeling. With Bridgette and her potty training, she wanted stickers. With Elizabeth, she wants “paper”, aka, toilet paper. LOL. Stickers don’t interest her much and I never agreed with rewarding kids with food or candy.

Well, now it’s time for dinner. Hmmm… I really should start posting some recipes on here. I do love cooking. I love sharing the recipes and my version of “tweaks”. We shall see. Gotta learn how to add those pages and stuff first.



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