Clean Up Your Associations

Pull the Plug

I recently had a discuss with myself. Yes! I do sometimes. I need expert advice every now and then. =)

But seriously though, I recently got over the flu bug, and naturally caught a lot of grief about calling off work two days in a row. My bosses understood and didn’t mind, but it was the other folks I worked with, that gave me the grief. Things like, “You can’t have been too sick to come back after only 2 days.” Or “if you were really out with the flu, you would’ve been admitted in the hospital.” Or “well by golly, she did remember that she works here.”

After hearing all this and then some, not even 15 minutes walking into my office, I lost it. I fired off on ALL of them. Then after I cooled down and got some work completed, my mind began to wander. Obviously, at work I can’t avoid all of the negativity and hateful remarks, but I can throw them out of my office. But where else is this kind of stuff following me and how can I get rid of it?

Social media is a big one of these. Facebook! It’s great because I keep up with family, join Bible Studies, get invited to events like my nieces birthday party, help my dad advertise his business, post pictures of my children and hear wonderful comments from family. But it has it’s downside, which is let’s face it, depressing. People posting how terrible their lives are, what they eat for every meal, what a terrible day at work they have, etc. Then you have the exact opposite… How wonderful their life is and no one has a better life, better job, better kids, etc, than them. Then there’s the ones who always talk down to you for your beliefs. Like one who seems to have made it their life’s mission to put down any follower of Christ.

Am I a perfect Christian? No! Far from it actually. HOWEVER, I am STILL a believer and that will never change no matter what math equation you send my way. If you don’t believe in God, that’s fine for you. I don’t tell you how wrong I believe your equations are. I just silently pray for you. Life without God is no life at all in my opinion. I have a hard time waking up and watching the sunrise and NOT believe or KNOW that God created that sunrise. I can’t look at my children’s sweet faces and not think, “Thank you Lord for my undeserved blessings that I get to call my own.”

So that was my decision to “clean up my social media life.” I unfriended several folks that have this constant negativity in life that I don’t care to listen to. I blocked all of the atheist comments and folks. I then took another step and refused to add the phone numbers of the folks who do act and think this way into my phone.

Now I’m not saying that everyone should do this, but I certainly have made up my mind that I will NOT be held down or put down in life in any way. If I wanna praise Jesus, then by golly I will and I won’t be afraid to do so.

A friend once commented, “when did the world become more afraid of man and less afraid of GOD?” It’s true if you think about it. I made up my mind that I will not be afraid of man anymore. When I die, it’s not them that I answer to, it’s the Lord Almighty. =)


I Un-Welcome The Flu Bug!!!

Well, I enjoy losing an unexpected 6 pounds, but I would prefer to apply the money I spent on doctors and medicine on bills to get us further outta debt. Plus missing time off work stinks. Blah. I don’t remember every inviting Mr. Bug into my life, but he is an absolute slop! Yuck! Go away!

On top of it, my poor babies are sick. One with a tummy virus (oh yeah, caught that too), sinus infection (did I mention that I caught that too?), and of course, the flu (which I already had). Oh Lord! Please place Your hands on our family and take away this sickness. Ain’t got no time for sickness.

I wish I could say that I’m getting a lot accomplished, but so far, being lazy is about it. LOL.

I did get to watch some TV. Now I remember why I quit to begin with. Yeesh. The junk they put on TV that folks consider “entertainment” is ridiculous in my opinion. I personally see no point in going on TV where potentially millions of viewers are watching with the hopes that you do something stupid or ridiculous. Whatever happened to good old fashioned TV where the shows focused on values, and not punch lines. So naturally, since the ┬ábaby is home with me too, I flip it back to cartoons. LOL. I much prefer the “older” Scooby Doo’s, Sofia The First, Doc McStuffins, and Mickey Mouse. Everyone else can keep their cussing, sex appeal, liars, and whatever other realty TV y’all prefer. =)

But I did watch a very good movie today. The Help. Oh man, I laughed, I cried, and then by golly, I laughed some more. I definitely vote that this is a must see movie in my opinion.

Well, medicine is kicking my butt y’all. Sweet dreams and I’ll see ya later. Please pray that we get well. Also, my heart was racing when I went to the doctor. My doctor seemed concerned, but I didn’t at the time. Now I’m really starting to wonder. It still feels like it’s racing, and sometimes is accompanied with pain.